Origin of the name 'Kelah'

Kelah is a fish from the genus Tor. The general name of 'mahseer' (Indian for 'big head') is popularly used. In the nothern parts of India, mahseer is also called 'kurriah' or 'kukhiah' ,whilst our kejor (tengas) is called 'kajra'.

There is high possibility that the name of kelah is derived from these terms. After all, the Hindu civilization was the earliest to entrench itself in the Malaysia Peninsular.

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Update: 11/3/2011


Copper Mahseer / Katli / Tengas

Neolissochilus hexagonolepis (McClelland, 1839)
Family: Cyprinidae
Order: Cypriniformes
MAX Size: 11 kg / 120 cm
IGFA World Record: None

Photos credited to jjphoto.dk